Funmaker Silent Disco DJ Screen




DJ & Technical Engineer

Avishay Biton

Phone: 0415 846 406

Email: funmakerau@gmail.com

Performance Options:

Options for hosting the FunMaker Silent Disco at this stunning festival may also include providing a suitable area, indoor or outdoor, and permissions for DJ performance, and then we will hold the event at a charge to patrons. This way the Festival gains an exciting Fringe Event at no fee to their costs.

The headsets can be used for more than just FunMaker Silent Disco parties.

Application of our FunMaker Silent Disco headsets have included: many and various workshops, tuning into what’s going on in other stages, guided tours, yoga sessions, movie nights, meditation and more…

Technical Details:

  1. FUNMAKER  offers up Three (3) Audio channels available with five hundred (500) metre range.
  2. FUNMAKER Silent disco can provide from 250 to 550 headsets for events.
  3. Battery time for the FunMaker Silent Disco Headsets is 8 hours.
  4. DJ’s can be provided or autonomously arranged by the Festival Event to perform through the Funmaker Silent Disco system.
  5. The Funmaker Silent Disco is perfect for an “After Party” or till late hours event as there will be no noise or sound excesses.
  6. The FunMaker Silent Disco team consists of Three DJs, plus four to six dedicated crew(depending on number of headsets) who assist with the ID deposit and hire station.

Fee Options:

Patrons swap their IDs as deposit and then hire the headsets for $15.


A lower price per headset may be negotiated depending on fee from the Festival Event

Music Genres:

Gypsy, Balkan, Oldies, 60’s, 90’s, House, trance, hip hop and more.



Dominic Spreadlove


Avishay Biton is a man with a dream.

To set silence on fire.

And as the word is spreading and the crowds are growing,

The dream just gets stronger.

Spreading colours and happiness further.

The philosophy is simple:

There are no strangers; Just friends, who haven’t joined the party yet.

Silent Disco is taking over the world quietly.

You listen to what ever you want and dance where ever you want.

So we call out to you:

All the dreamers,

All the people who are searching for something new and believing there is something new.

Come join the party.