Silent Disco Options

The Three Audio channels can easily be connected to the Audio of three live performances for performances around the Festival. Thus creating a Live Radio Stream of epic proportions.
Offer your patrons to enjoy their favourite band through waiting for their hot chocolate, with the freedom of space they require or desire.

Or, the FunMaker Silent Disco offers another three options of music to dance to at a festival, with three DJ’s performing simultaneously.


Three (3) Audio Channels available with five hundred (500) metre range.
250 to 550 headsets can be supplied.
Battery time for the FunMaker Headsets are 6 to 8 hours.
DJ’s can be provided or autonomously arranged by the Festival Event to perform through the Silent Disco System.
The Silent Disco is perfect for an “After Party” or till late hours event as there will be no noise or sound excesses.
The FunMaker Silent Disco team consists of Three DJs, plus four to six dedicated crew(depending on number of headsets) who assist with the ID deposit and hire station.

Logistical Application

As an all hours, All Ages, After Party, Unique party experience, FunMaker Silent Disco is an excellent opportunity to enjoy, dance and connect.

The Silent Disco requires no stage, no lights, no fixed address. The FunMaker System requires very low power and therefore can be a completely wireless and extremely low emission entertainment. Whether you’re deep in the forest, on top of a mountain, beach side or have simply used up your power resources on other decisions, FunMaker Silent Disco is ready to go, ready to prance.

This completely mobile performance option create’s such a warm and welcoming option to the enjoyment of music. Listeners create no sound pollution, connect via the wireless creation of harmony.

FunMaker Silent Disco has entertained audiences at:



Three (3) Audio channels available with five hundred (500) meter range. 250 to 550 headsets can be supplied. Battery time for the FunMaker Headsets are 6 to 8 hours. DJ’s can be provided or...
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Come to the Yoga session that ends in a party.

Calming your mind, meditating, changing negative energies and allowing a sole individual to connect with activating their soul, by placing movement, music and a gathering of unification is the single driving force of the joy that comes from providing the FunMaker Silent Disco.

Make no assumptions in our intentions here: we are not a company driven by getting product out the door and cash in our hand. To be the catalyst that reconnects or encourages your heart and soul connection is at the core of our journey.

A dedicated and qualified Yoga Instructor will lead you through a perfectly adapted range of yoga poses which will prepare you body and mind to release tension, explore movement, liberate inhibitions, nourish your self awareness and exhilarate your creativity towards dance moves inspired by yoga poses.

The session slowly evolves into a free form dance party. From the calm chaperone of the yoga instructor, you will gently set sail into the wild abyss of music for your mind. Integrating many genres, rhythms, movements as there are colours in the rainbow.

The FunMaker Silent Disco is versatile in application in just about any setting, and the list of benefits for these applications are endless.

Larger Yoga Groups

You don’t need to be near the instructor. Take Yoga with you where ever you want to go. Find your own space, feel your own freedoms, music will surround your heart, instead of feeling like you’re removed or distant from where you need to be to enjoy the sound, movement and harmony of a yoga session.

Outdoor Locations:

No need to carry a PA (Public Address system) to a direct the yoga/movement/dance session. FunMaker requires very low power to operate and therefore is extremely versatile in setting options. With 500 metres range, you have very little limitations on your destination being confined or restricting.

Mums and Kids:

DJ channels can easily provide children’s entertainment if the occasion requires. Children may be interested to watch a movie, listen to their favourite music together or partake in the yoga/dance/movement session.  Screens can be provided for the Movie option.

Sound & Healing:

Vibrational sound therapy has long been recognised as a phenomenal healing tool. Sound waves are received by your mind and body, allowing your individual self to orientate itself with your own personal physical and mental needs.

To host a (Yoga/Movement/Dance) Silent Disco 🙂 please connect with us via any means that feels right to you.




Fun Maker Silent Disco is perfectly designed to work around avoiding noise complaints, deterring any visits from unwanted guests, keeping sound pollution to a minimum, letting sleeping babies lie, keeping all ages satisfied and letting the party roam free, unconfined by the epicentre of the sound system.

Live on the Coast? Take the party to the Beach!

Live inland? Dance in your garden sand 🙂

  • Three (3) Audio Channels available with five hundred (500) metre range.
  • 250 to 550 headsets can be supplied.
  • Battery time for the FunMaker Headsets is 8 hours.
  • The FunMaker Silent Disco team consists of up to Three DJs, plus four to six dedicated crew (depending on number of headsets) who assist with the ID deposit and hire station.
  • Outdoor or Indoor.
  • Private volume control on each headset.

Fun Maker options for House Parties include and are not limited to:

All Ages

Last minute and Spontaneous bookings – no long term booking required

Kids movie room


Throw More Parties!

The options are hilarious.

Get on Up!

To be the catalyst that reconnects or encourages your heart and soul connection is at the core of our journey.





As well as being open to any and all of your ideas, we have an endless imagination when it comes to the ways you can utilise the FunMaker Silent Disco on your Wedding Day.

So lets break it down, try to answer some questions to get your imagination stirring… Please feel free to contact us anytime to answer any questions or get started on your booking!

Well, we’re used to parties that run from 11pm till sunrise, so, lets just assume we’re available to entertain for you pretty much all hours of the day…
We would recommend a sunset Silent Disco Party that runs till late.

As a guide for you to ponder, lets assume you’ll either book us for

  • A short time: 4 hours (For example: 8pm till Midnight – or – 10pm till 2am),


  • A long time: 8 hours (For example: 6pm till 2am – or – 10pm till 6am).

Or to suit any need you require: a 24 hour party.

Hey… we really like music.

We have bases all around the world, from Belgium to Sydney to LA.

FunMaker Silent Disco Head Quarters is based in Byron Bay, with another FunMaker in Sydney. With our powers combined we can offer up to 500 headsets. Please warmly assume the FunMaker Silent Disco Bus and crew can travel to you, no matter where you are on the East Coast of Australia, and further afield if your dreams require (travel fee’s can be provided).

From unique locations with sound restrictions or picturesque destinations where you want to provide a soundtrack, but there may be power or space issues, the FunMaker crew can make the Silent Disco pop up in just about any and every space you require.

  • National Parks (with permissions),
  • local landmarks (with permissions),
  • Look outs,
  • Private spaces,
  • Public parks (with permissions),
  • Art gallery’s,
  • Library’s,
  • Warehouses,
  • Neighbourhood block parties,
  • Churches,
  • Beaches,
  • Mountain tops,
  • Waterfalls,
  • Cruise ships,
  • Private boats,
  • Community halls,
  • Your garden… 🙂

Here is where the imagination really opens up to a whole new game.
The head phones concept can be incorporated in so many ways.

  • Hens’ Night Parties: What happens at the Hen’s night stays at the Hens night.
  • Bucks Night Parties… enough said…
  • Wedding Procession Entry to Reception: Dancing; Djembe & Percussion Drumming; circus acts; juggling; Fire Element Features; Indigenous music; live music; DJ music. All genres. Specific Soundtracks. Entertainers can enter as part of the wedding procession or welcoming the newly weds to the space. The headphones can be incorporated into this element of the entertainment.
  • Wedding Reception: DJs; Live Music; Guest DJ’s; DJ Tutorials/lessons; Family members are welcome to DJ; live instrument integration; Song requests, Playlist requests; Artist requests; Film soundtracks; old and new.
  • After Party: Sound restrictions carry no weight to the Silent Disco world.  You provide happy, party loving people, we provide awesome music till you drop.
  • Kids Entertainment & Activities: We can provide a movie room, with screen and soundtrack through headphones, music for kids, kids drumming workshop, chill zone etc.
  • Speeches: Make sure all those heartfelt words aren’t missed. If it’s a big room, or a big group, don’t let any words be left out.

Please see our Electronic Press Kit (EPK) for a full overview of our Technical Specifications and Capabilities.

But here’s a few FAQ’s on the subject:

Range: 500 Metres

Battery Life: 8 Hours

Booking Time: Next to no booking time required. We’re ready to go.

Headset Count: Up to 500 headsets.

FUNMAKER Silent Disco: More than just a DJ and some headsets…

It’s a common misconception that technology, the digital world and personal headphones are constantly finding ways to seperate us. We can plug in to our own personal sound track and be on our way. Evolving into a lonely society, disconnected from the humans around us…. bleak isn’t it?

However, in the realm of the FunMaker Silent Disco, the headphones create the most astounding catalyst to the very connection of the listeners.

Inhibitions carefully sneak out the door, listeners and dancers find that they are truly sharing something. Be it the hilarious novelty of three people, listening to three different channels, gyrating together to three different songs, simultaneously, and thus fearlessly dancing their socks off.

You simply can’t  judge someone’s personal afflictions from music if you can’t hear the music they’re listening to, you have to let them be who they are. You can be who you need to be.

Let alone the glorious joy of connecting over the same song, struck into your mind and finding the combined love of the soundtrack. The memory of music changes lives, it changes life, it can change everything…. “That’s my Jam!!!”…

With the added bonus that you have the incredible fourth option of the Silent Disco world, **you can remove your headphones** and converse, chuckle, interact, love and live, without the intensity of volume owning your auditory space.

It is for these reasons that when you call FunMaker on the phone, you will speak to someone more passionate about what they do than most. Personal connection, heartfelt interest and a maker of fun, you really can’t go wrong.

Our FunMaker Silent Disco Crew will work together to make your event dynamic, unique and entertaining. We create moments during the evening where all channels are the same for group affinity and connection.

FunMaker Silent Disco in Byron Bay is managed by a stunning individual by the name of Avishay Biton.

Avishay, along with the FunMaker Crew, local to Byron Bay, are an epic team of DJs, musicians, drummers, performers, and technicians who combine together with professionalism and style, who are ever-available to provide all facets of entertainment for your wonderful day.

We’ve ideas coming out the whazoo 

We knew we had a good feeling about you…

Some more ideas for your consideration….

  • Novelty or specific costumes
  • Kids Entertainment options
  • Drumming and percussion: performance, workshop or group involvement.
  • Icebreaker games (Jams or workshops) for Group integration and involvement.
  • Whole Live band plus FunMaker Silent Disco options.
  • Guest DJs. Introduce us to your world – Who’s your favourite Local DJ?
  • DJ Tutorial – 20 minute sessions: prior or during the FunMaker Silent Disco.
  • Hungry? Food Trucks- We’d be happy to put you in touch with our favourite local food truck and catering options.
  • Face painting
  • Fire twirling shows
  • Fireworks
  • Bubbles.