Come to the Yoga session which ends in a party.

A dedicated and qualified Yoga Instructor will lead you through a perfectly adapted range of yoga poses which will prepare you body and mind to release tension, explore movement, liberate inhibitions, nourish your self awareness and exhilarate your creativity towards dance moves inspired by yoga poses.

The session slowly evolves into a free form dance party. From the calm chaperone of the yoga instructor, you will gently set sail into the wild abyss of music for your mind. Integrating many genres, rhythms, movements as there are colours in the rainbow.

The FunMaker Silent Disco is versatile in application in just about any setting, and the list of benefits for these applications are endless.

Larger Yoga Groups

You don’t need to be near the instructor. Take Yoga with you where ever you want to go. Find your own space, feel your own freedoms, music will surround your heart, instead of feeling like you’re removed or distant from where you need to be to enjoy the sound, movement and harmony of a yoga session.

Outdoor Locations:

No need to carry a PA (Public Address system) to a direct the yoga/movement/dance session. FunMaker requires very low power to operate and therefore is extremely versatile in setting options. With 500 metres range, you have very little limitations on your destination being confined or restricting.

Mums and Kids:

DJ channels can easily provide children’s entertainment if the occasion requires. Children may be interested to watch a movie, listen to their favourite music together or partake in the yoga/dance/movement session.  Screens can be provided for the Movie option.

Sound & Healing:

Vibrational sound therapy has long been recognised as a phenomenal healing tool. Sound waves are received by your mind and body, allowing your individual self to orientate itself with your own personal physical and mental needs.


Calming your mind, meditating, changing negative energies and allowing a sole individual to connect with activating their soul, by placing movement, music and a gathering of unification is the single driving force of the joy that comes from providing the FunMaker Silent Disco.

Make no assumptions in our intentions here: we are not a company driven by getting product out the door and cash in our hand. To be the catalyst that reconnects or encourages your heart and soul connection is at the core of our journey.

To host a (Yoga/Movement/Dance) (YoDa Yoga) 🙂 please connect with us via any means that feels right to you.